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Shiva Samhita Further Reading

Here is some additional material about the Shiva Samhita: the creation of the critical edition, notes on meter, and a bibliography. It's a bit rough and will be updated from time to time.

The Critical Edition

Dr. Mallinson's notes on creating the critical edition are forthcoming.

Notes on Meter

The Shiva Samhita's meter is mainly anushtubh, with just a few vipulas, but verses 1.1, 1.91, 5.180 and 5.193 are in shalini, 5.30 is in vamshamala and 5.194 and 5.260 are in Indravajra.


The AmRtasiddhi of MAdhavacandra. Acc. No. 1242 in the manuscript collection of the Maharaja Mansingh Pustak Prakash, Jodhpur.

The BRhatkhecarIprakAza. A commentary on the KhecarIvidyA by BallAla. Manuscript 14575 in the collection of the Scindia Oriental Research Institute Library, Ujjain.

The DattAtreyayogazAstra, ed. Brahmamitra AvasthI. Delhi: SvAmI KezavAnand YogasaMsthAn. 1982.

The Siva Samhita, tr. Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu. Allahabad: Panini Office. 1914-15.

The YogacintAmaNi of ZivAnanda SarasvatI, ed. HaridAsa VidyAvAgIza (BhAgavatAcArya). Calcutta. Undated.

The Yuktabhavadeva of Bhavadeva Mizra, Ed. M.L.Gharote and Vijay Kant Jha. Lonavla: Lonavla Yoga Institute. 2002.

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